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osha300online is a web-based user-friendly management system designed to simplify the maintenance of the OSHA 300 Log, 300A and 301 forms. Powerful reporting and search capabilities, places your OSHA data at your fingertips for all of your locations. It reduces the employer's paperwork associated with the recordkeeping requirements of OSHA. As of 2017, OSHA requires certain Employers to submit electronically injury and illness data that they are already required to keep. osha300online now has the option to generate the Injury Tracking Application (ITA) in a CSV file which can be saved to submit to OSHA when live website becomes available. Once the live website is available osha300online will finalize and release the API (Application Programming Interface) option to submit to OSHA.

Whether you are an employer with a single location or a corporate Risk Manager with hundreds of locations throughout the country, osha300online will organize, store, and maintain this most critical data safely and efficiently while ensuring complete compliance with the OSHA regulations. Using osha300online, provides time saving efficiency by removing the manual process of maintaining the OSHA 300 Log, 300A and 301 Form which ultimately saves time and money.

Employers may subscribe to the service directly. Also available is a site sponsorship for Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators (TPA) or Risk Managers which can be branded and offered to your customers as a value added service.

How can osha300online help you?
  • Maintain OSHA 300 Log, 300A, and 301 Form
  • New: Generate Injury Tracking Application (ITA) in CSV File
  • 100% Secure and Accurate
  • Real-time Reports in Excel
  • Print OSHA 300 Log, 300A, and 301 Forms
  • Multi-User Account Access
  • Multi-Level Password Protection
  • Sharps Injury Log
  • Multiple Entity Option
  • Region Option
  • Import Capabilities
  • Calculate Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR)
  • Calculate Days away Restricted Transfer (DART)
  • No Software to Purchase or Install
  • Mobile and Handheld Device Friendly
  • 30 Day FREE Trial no credit card needed
  • Pricing